Weekly Recap: June 13 – 19

Sunday I cuddled with Wolfgang, watched Fake Famous on HBO Max, ate Tropical Smoothie, muffins made by my mom, popcorn, and Little Caesar’s (you know, the pinnacle of health) and thought about maybe doing something with my day. But we’re all entitled to some relaxation. At the end of the day I did end up making an image though! Just one at a time for now while I wrap my head around the rest. Eric and I also finally started watching Wanda Vision.

Monday – work and finished out the day with salad, lasagna (I know you all really care about what I eat lol) and Wanda Vision.

Tuesday – half day of work, dentist, blogging, Viva Mi Familia food truck and MTV Catfish.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – shopping, laundry, relaxing. My headache is way back so doing the best I can.

Saturday was a race to the finish to get packed and photos made before I leave town for another week. In between I celebrated Father’s day and my mom’s birthday with lunch, cake and presents.

This week in blogs:

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How was your week?

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  1. eob2 says:

    That image is nice 👍🏻 safe travels


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