Weekly Recap: July 11 – 17

Sunday I was very drowsy half the day after having taken sleep meds the night before. Wolf still managed to wake us up numerous times.

After waking myself up and checking a few things off my to do list, I headed to my parents. I was almost there and a hawk flew out and straight into the car in front of me. It fell to the asphalt. I pulled over to go check on it since it hadn’t moved. It was still alive. I grabbed a sweater, picked it up and moved it off the road into the grass. It’s wing was sprawled and it collapsed onto the ground. A jogger across the road stopped to see what was going on. The car it had flown into stopped up ahead. The jogger called animal control and I called a wildlife rescue. No luck. Called my mom to let her know why I hadn’t made it to her house and she suggested B.E.A.K.S. and texted their info. They answered! I put the hawk, wrapped in my sweater, into a box I had in my car and off we went on the hour long drive to drop it off at the bird rescue.

Then back to my parents house for dinner, crafting and looking through old pictures.

Later, back home for some picture making.

Monday was my 9 year WordPress anniversary! Nothing much else of note Monday – work and home. I wrote a tad more of a blog post, but didn’t finish just yet.

Tuesday I had a long work day then watched the new episode of Catfish.

Wednesday – work, photos and blogging. Then watched Loki with Eric when he got home from work.

Since you’re fully part of this now. Wednesday night, Wolfgang let us sleep, uninterrupted, the whole night. Disappointingly, I was still crazy tired the whole next day with all the body pains. But worked through it Thursday and went home to nap and relax.

And well, Friday I felt awful too, but worked a long day anyway. Got a hawk update though! Her wing is damaged and bruised, but once she flies well in the flight cage she’ll be released back in the wild!

Saturday, I scheduled a vet appointment for Wolfgang’s likely ear infection. Then we started the day with Bojangles and The Circle (2017 movie), shopped a bit, then relaxed at home.

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How was your week?

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