The Photos I’ve Made (so far) In These Weird Times.

  • Disclaimer: Your worth is not based on how productive you are now or ever. I’ve watched more netflix than anything else outside of work and if you’ve done the same that’s okay. I’m glad I’m starting to settle into my routine and make things again and this post is only to talk about that process.

So I got a big commission I worked on October through November, started a new job in February, got married 1 week after starting the new job, then a few days later everything closed.

I’m still going into work everyday but on a weird schedule. It’s also busy season so I’ve been working most Saturdays and if I’ve learned nothing else in this time, I really rely on routine. It’s been like a month and a half or something right? Ad I’m definitely not used to my new schedule yet.

I have a few photos planned that I was pretty excited about, and I have a lot of videos planned and some even filmed but unedited. I haven’t had the drive to do basically anything in that realm and I don’t want the images to he tainted by meanings of quarantine, as I can see one of them becoming attached to. But maybe that’s just an excuse.

I was hoping things would settle and I would get back to making after the wedding but settling hasn’t quite happened yet.

Around March 20, the tail end of my staycation honeymoon, I made a photo that was actually already planning but it became the perfect timing to create and share because it felt like it represented quarantine so well. I even entered it into a couple photo competitions with that theme.

A couple weeks ago I grabbed some vintage toys I’d bought in Portland, Maine a year ago and photographed them underwater with my Olympus TG 4. I then over saturated and vignetted them and got a few I’m pretty happy with.

Then I started to get a tiny bit of a blog itch. I like researching posts on toy photography from larger photography categories. I buy books from used book stores as I come across applicable ones, read them, take notes, then do further research on the questions they open online. So I pulled out the 4 books that have been waiting to be read and I started reading. The book on one of the topics I’m most interested in writing about is heavier than my current unsettled brain wants, it’s a textbook, and that topic is on hold for just the moment. But this past Sunday I wrote 2 posts! Another is well on the way. I expect to near finish it by mid this week (I’m writing this current post the Monday before you’re seeing it).

In working on one of the posts I decided to make my own toy photography images with instant film

I’ve also ordered additional art supplies for a sculptural piece I’m planning. So the creative juices are starting to come back to life! Truly it’s just because I’m starting to get used to my weird life schedule and I sincerely hope when things go back to normal that I’ll readjust easily. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


What have you been up to lately? 

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