Making Miniatures

In elementary school I made a purple mansion out of balsa wood, scaled to my Fashion Polly dolls. In middle school I carved the Mortman Mountain from The Series of Unfortunate Events out of floral foam with a plastic wrap water fall. Later I made an 18 inch doll size teepee out of fabric, dowel rods, foam and acrylic paint.

All of these were for school projects, and I got very into them. I wish I had pictures to show you.

It was a school project, in high school, that led me to toy photography and I also started building my first doll house around that time.

I don’t do such intricate projects, for the most part, these days, but making scaled miniatures has never left me.

Almost everything I make now is made for photography. From ho scale school desks, wood piles, gas masks, cabins, and wrestlers, to 1:12 scale dollhouses, room boxes and clay animals.

It astounded me when the world of miniatures became so popular- seeing creators and their amazing creations elevated. I’d obsessed over Dollshouse Emporium catalogs as a kid, but the internet wasn’t something that shared such wonders yet.

I suppose my miniatures are utilitarian of sorts- to creatively meet the standards of school projects or to fill out my miniature scenes for photography projects. I don’t make small things just for the sake of making them. My brain isn’t wired that way. And because I don’t have the drive to further delve into the medium outside of these constraints, I’ll never be the best miniaturist around, but I’m okay with that as long as I can achieve what I need to for the photos I aim to create.

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  1. These photos are so wonderful. I love the glass house, the gum all machine and the farmhouse with Saturn above. Takes a special talent, time and good photography.

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