Weekly Recap: April 11-17

Going to try this in a slightly less formal layout. Still figuring out how I want to go about these posts.

This past week I ended up having to take half days from work Tuesday and Friday for some weird stomach bug or something of the sort. I then went into work on Saturday to make up hours and finish up some work. So not a great basis for my week.

I did however finally re-read Art & Fear because I needed some more quotes to use in blog posts other than the single one from page 4 I use over and over lol. This one –

“In large measure becoming an artist consists of learning to accept yourself, which makes your work personal, and in following your own voice, which makes your work distinctive.”


The re-read gave me quite a few blog topic ideas and led me in the direction of some more books I need to read. I’ve reserved a couple at the library.

I’m still waiting on an action figure, some tiny fairies and a train scale parking lot to arrive in the mail so that plus the not feeling well meant no new images sadly. I think both packages might arrive later today though. Fingers crossed.

I went to a craft night my apartment was hosting on Thursday and made a cute spring sign with my neighbors.

I’ve somehow successfully kept up my daily blogging grind. And I’ve sort of figured out a strategy to try to make Instagram work for me. I’m moving away from fully associating with toy photographers and trying to put myself back in the larger art community. We can discuss the whys etc. if you’d like but I think I’ll have a blog post on it soon.

This week in blogs:

Articles I Tweeted:

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • A&E Randy Savage biopic coming out May 2- wrong date on the last post (my work won’t be in the film, but I worked on the initial proof of concept with the team)
  • My MS treatment starting at the end of this month
  • Bird walk event at the local arboretum in May
  • MOSH Toytopia in May
  • 2 separate weeks in Schenectady for work in June (may see my sister, maybe have time for some non-work stuff)


How was your week?

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