Planes and Pizza and Products, Oh My! – Weekly Recap: May 30 – June 5

Sunday, for work, I flew from Jacksonville to Atlanta to Albany. Then, picked up my rental car and drove to Schenectady, NY. (Oh the Places You’ll Go)

Monday I set up the photo equipment, then went to Moon River- a vegan/vegetarian Cafe, and the Central Park Rose Garden. For dinner I got vegan ramen. That’s a meal for lunch and dinner that’s difficult to find where I live. But as I’m vegetarian, not vegan, I finished the day with ice cream.

At the rose garden I also got some wonderful pictures of my green figure that I brought along with me.

Tuesday through Friday I photographed lots and lots of grocery store products, and there’s very little else to share about these days. So here’s some food photos, since if nothing else, I ate good food.

I flew home Friday.

Nights after work and on flights I read The View from the Studio Door and Tiny Surrealism. You’ll hear a lot more about both of those (or at least see them quoted) in upcoming blogs, and in some of the blogs linked below.

I also started planning an upcoming series.

Saturday, I took some much needed time to relax! I watched Bo Burnham: Inside and absolutely adored it. I later had dinner with my parents.

This week in blogs:


How was your week?

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