Why I Don’t Believe in the Concept of Time Waste

Time cannot be wasted. You haven’t brought yourself to do that thing, you haven’t been what you’d consider productive, but maybe your body needed to rest. And it’s entirely okay to not always be productive. You did or didn’t do something for a while because of fear, because you liked the thing, because it felt like the best decision or only decision at that time. You didn’t waste time, you grew, you learned, you gave your body what it needed.

Life isn’t a game that has to be completed with the most points. Live a life that makes you happy, that allows you to be content. Do what you need to make the money you need to live, but don’t worry about a necessity in moving up the career ladder or getting world recognition.

If you want those things, and you get them, that’s great. But if getting those things is leaving you no room for fun, for relaxation, for human connections, then is it worth it?

Stop beating yourself up for the things you haven’t accomplished. Your self-hate isn’t helping you get to where you want to be. Treat yourself with kindness, allow yourself to relax, to indulge, and let the other things come in time, when you’re mentally and physically able.

In dedication to the too many people I’ve had this conversation with recently.

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