Weekly Recap: April 4-10

Trying something out and updating you on the days of my life. Art creation behind the scenes, pictures of my cat and so on.


Went to my parent’s house for Easter dinner. Then went home and hung out with my cat Wolfgang. Finished episode 2 of The Vow on HBO Max, waiting to watch the rest with my friend.


First up work, then home printer issues. We’ve been selling on ebay and started having issues with our printer. Seems like a print head alignment issue, but I’ve done all the trouble shooting possible to no avail. After having the hardest time finding a printer to buy I learned that inkjet printers are stuck overseas. Really not wanting to drop over $100 on a laser printer, so for now we’re sending labels to Office Depot to get printed.

I made the announcement on Instagram that I was going to be less active there and immediately felt so much lighter for it.

Got a terrible bruise tripping over something at work, but I won’t gross you out with the picture here.


Work, Wolfgang cuddles everyday, 2 blog posts, lots of sleep.


Work (still going physically in to my product photography day job), relaxation, blogging, Dominoes with Eric (my husband).

I also painted the iridescent coat on my 3rd clay figure for my recent series. I baked the 2nd and 3rd figures in my parent’s oven and they burnt very badly. I hadn’t had this issue before, but maybe the issue was the gas oven when I’ve normally used electric. Who knows, but it made painting all the more interesting.

I started writing this day’s info late at night and thought I was done with my recap, but then I ended up taking the final image of my Dream State series and filming a video clip for it.


Work, some Netflix and blogging. Feels good to be on the blog grind.


Work, blogging, photo prop buying. Got some good food with Eric and started watching Them.


Slept in for the first time in forever! Prepped lots of ebay packages (with a new printer!!). Did an eensy bit of work from home. Watched some Twilight Zone and Them.

I’ve been having some balance issues with MS and was able to balance today! Small triumphs but I certainly hope this means this 10 month attack is starting to come to an end.

Ended the day taking a late night photo of a figure in front of a wax warmer on my nightstand.

This week in blogs:

Articles I liked:

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Apartment complex craft night, I’ll make sure to show you the results
  • A&E Randy Savage biopic coming out April 18 (my work won’t be in the film, but I worked on the initial proof of concept with the team)
  • My MS treatment starting at the end of this month
  • Bird walk event at the local arboretum next month
  • MOSH Toytopia next month


These will be more or less interesting each week, but I’ll never have a lack of Wolfgang pictures.

How was your week?

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