Connecting the Pieces

Every piece I’ve made prior to my most recent one, paved the way to that most recent piece.

I get comments on occasion that something I’ve shared is very different for me or that my style is evolving.

In no way am I upset by these comments, in part, they’re correct. And I’m glad the people have observed my work long enough to be able to make such comments.

But chances are, I can draw a line from one piece to another to another that got me to the piece you’re referring to. So its not as different as you’d imagine, but my work is evolving.

I am not satisfied with what I’ve made, with what I’m working toward, unless it’s just that – an evolution, an improvement, a more concise retelling, of the pieces I’ve made before.

Let’s start here. This is me in and out of my comfort zone.

Monochrome | Polychrome

Figure sits on bench on balcony in all grey environment, toy photography by Tourmaline .
Monochrome 56

This is me floating in an in between.

Space & the Surreal

Astronaut floating over the moon, toy photography by Tourmaline .
Lost, 2018

This is me grappling with my health.


Head Above Water, 2021

This is my constant dream state because of my health .

Dream State

This is me coming back to myself.

A New Door

This is a more cognizant view of my dream state, since I’m now able to better process.

Dream Vortex

Next up is me learning about and becoming fully aware of the power within me.

A chaos in color and peace in monochrome.

A discovering of me as life progresses.

As my life evolves, the pieces I choose to represent, and how I represent them, evolve too.

While I’ve stuck to the use of toys and miniatures, and my intuition creates fairly surreal views with those objects, I haven’t technically stuck to a consistent style. Some may argue I should, but I represent what I want to represent in whatever the best way I feel is for that experience or emotion.

My images are glimpses within my head. So depending on the day, time, mental state, physical state of myself and my body, the images will each look just a bit different.

And I certainly hope that continues. I like the idea that people will see a piece of work and be able to identify it as mine, but I can’t focus on that as my core concern. I plan to move forward, keep creating whatever my intuition brings me, and see what common thread ties my pieces in hindsight.

“Artists often have good reason to avoid inquiring too closely into motive and purpose – especially while they’re in the midst of working…When it comes to making art, our intuition is often light-years ahead of our intellect.”

– Ted Orland, The View from the Studio Door

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