Weekly Recap: October 3 – 9

This Halloween challenge has definitely pushed me to work on images. Sunday, Tuesday, Friday all had dedicated image making sessions and the rest of the days had me thinking about and planning.

Work of course all week. And I’ll be traveling for work this coming week, back to Schenectady, so planning for that. You think there’s gonna be any flowers in the rose garden for me to photograph?

Saturday I visited with my parents, shopped for some travel stuff and packed away. Flying out tomorrow. That’s also a reason I had to work hard on photos, because I had to make sure all of mine were ready for next week.

Eric and I finished Squid Game on Netflix. It was really good, but not for the faint of heart. I loved the aesthetic of the building interior most of all. I of course watched more Grey’s Anatomy as well, in season 7 now. Maybe I’ll have some good plane movies to tell you about next week.

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How was your week?

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